Half of me says OMGYAYPOOL while the other half says: Coop DOOM.

Billings, Montana

Many people, both in Montana and California, have wondered why the fuck we would move to Montana. Part of the reason for the move is the obvious money aspect: Adam got a better paying job in an economy where the cost of living is much lower. There’s no sales tax in Montana. BAM everything is […]

Bathroom Disaster In Pictures

Right after we moved in we noticed the gap between the tile and the cabinets. “Looks good enough to me, Jim Bob!” Five points for anyone who knows the scene in Shameless which inspired the breaking of the baseboard. The professionals who installed our wood floors kept cracking our baseboards. We wanted to put them […]

Oh (Literal) Shit

Oh (Literal) Shit

Have you seen The Money Pit? When we bought our house and moved in a few months ago one of the draws to the house was it seemed “turnkey” if you’ve been watching too much House Hunters. We knew the carpet would have to go eventually. We all know how much I like painting interior […]

Weekend Fun!

Weekend Fun!

You know you’re jealous.

At least the floor is pretty.

I’m Lost in a Sea of Laundry

And tomorrow I’ll have all clean couch cushions for Essie’s delicate bum. (Photo and post via phone. Apologies if my laundry pile offends. I’m pretty fucking offended I have this much laundry to fold, too.)

This part of the subfloor was their favorite spot in the room.

The Carpet Debacle

When I was less than four years old I was bit by a chihuahua. I don’t think I was hurt badly but I was not pleased with small dogs and I carry that prejudice today. I’ve met a few small dogs I like, but they remain my least favorite dog group. One of the things […]

Ridiculous Car Escapades

Ridiculous Car Escapades

Adam and I drove to Montana with our chickens and cats on board. There’s a post there, about the chickens and the cats which you will receive one day. But I’ve peaked the curiosity of a few (two) people and I’m trying to distract myself from a few different fucked up things. These things include […]

I Couldn't Do It

I Couldn’t Do It

I couldn’t go to bed without at least a search bar and my tagline and I hate the social icon widgets I think. But it’s more than there was at midnight, right? For your time and effort, here’s a picture of Egg after she makes her Build-A-Bear bear for her birthday.I have so many cute […]

Not In Any Particular Order

Not In Any Particular Order

I know there are likely things you want to know and I know there are many things I want to tell you. I hate having them rattle around in my head at night. The most important thing I think is the water issue. We have water. As long as we are careful about our water […]

You Guys!

This tweet popped up in my timeline tonight: Please, I beg you, at least TRY to take “u guys” out of ur vocab unless you know for a fact the ppl u are addressing identify as male. — Joy L. S. Hoffman (@joy_hoffman) January 29, 2014 I retweeted this person into my timeline. I didn’t […]