Moving Soon Plus Update!

Sam’s Stories has been around for just over a decade now. I’ve been posting less, I have some feelings about things (vague blogging ftw!) and I’m moving to another URL. I don’t know where yet, but it will be an anonymous (as much as anything on the innernets can be) and the link will not […]


Things are changing around here. I will be back with more information.

Can You Say Fraud?

Note: Adam edited this post because my brain was done. Yesterday I was in the shower doing my usual things. I even washed my hair, because I had so much time on my hands due to a family member visiting and helping out with the Littles. As I was putting conditioner in my hair I […]

I Don't Even Know So I'm Ripping Off The Bandaid

I Don’t Even Know So I’m Ripping Off The Bandaid

ETA: In the transfer of my blog to a new host I am noticing some issues. I’m doing my best to fix them. I’m sorry for all the stupid social media buttons all over, the disappearance of my blog, my blog not working on mobile devices, the change of my blog’s name (ADAM) and so […]

I’m Square But Not Hip*

We’re moving to Montana. Yesterday we closed escrow on our house in California (only two days late!) and we’re officially renting our house here and haven’t closed escrow on our new house because we’re waiting on money from this house to hit our bank account. We had to get renter’s insurance because our belongings are […]

On The First Day of Christmas

This month is going to be chaotic, with all the buying and selling and moving and bonus COURT DATE! regarding Chicken’s amazing father who has not yet sent him a birthday card. He’s almost two months late. In case I didn’t hate him before, it’s official now. I’m refusing to decorate the outside of my […]

Chicken’s Graduation Picture

We picked three pictures from Chicken’s graduation portrait session in October. One for the yearbook that was good but not worth buying at a gazillion dollars, one casual one that represents him as I see him, and one in a cap and gown. This is Chicken, to me:I love this kid.

HOLY SHITBALLS I Have Never Been To Montana

Adam has been looking for a new job for a while. He found one in Montana. He accepted the offer this week. We got a realtor this week. I staged our house like a motherfucking boss. The house went live on MLS on Friday. It was shown on Saturday. We signed a full price offer […]